masaiWe’re loving the reflection of the Maasai on the wing of the MAF plane in Tanzan…ia! Pilot Kirstein Combrink, who took this photo, shares, ‘The work we support in this area is wonderful to be involved with, as we fly Maasai evangelists from a small Bible School to villages in the mountains. The project was started 25 years ago and today male leaders are turning their hearts to Christ!’ By: MAF UK

Steve and Ian

Last Friday, British MAF pilot Steve Machell received a special welcome as he returned to the hangar from his regular flight to Marsabit in northern Kenya: personal congrats from Country Director Ian Sinkinson on achieving 1,000 flying hours!
This may not seem much compared to many other MAF pilots, but for Steve it represents a significant milestone on a journey that began almost 30 years ago.
Having received his wings through the Air Cadets as a teenager, he pursued his desire to serve God through flying after leaving university, but no opportunities arose. Putting his PPL to one side, he followed a different career path and worked in Africa as an administrator and a financial controller, loving what he did but never forgetting the call he had always felt to mission aviation. …
Doors began to open 7 years ago which would allow the dream to become a reality; now he is privileged to be flying for MAF in Kenya, and sharing his testimony of God’s goodness, faithfulness and steadfastness at work in his life.
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