We departed for Goroka, a thirty minute flight. As usual I radioed for the ambulance, but also as usual it never arrived. John, our base manager, drove her to the hospital in the MAF bus.

A week later, I was scheduled to fly back to Simbari. I was quite surprised to see that among the group of passengers were the lady, her husband and their new baby! I hadn’t expected her to return so quickly, but the doctor had managed to turn the baby and she had given birth naturally. Initially I hadn’t recognised her because he looked so different; no longer in pain and smiling! I spoke to them for a while and then we departed for Simbari. On arrival, the reunion between the mother and her son was quite touching. It’s great when you see a direct positive result from a flight that you have done and makes the ordinary, well, extraordinary! 


Article source: http://www.maf.org.au/news/n/making-room-for-one-more-130531

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