10968317_440344302796266_9011311223323847004_nMAF pilots Mathias Glass and Sebastian Kurz are ceremonially coated with mud in the celebration of an aircraft landing for the first time EVER at Kaiam Airstrip in a very remote part of Papua New Guinea. See:  https://www.dropbox.com/s/7pzbg8i9tsbab56/First%20Landing%20Kaiam.mp4.mp4?dl=0

The excitement of the locals can be seen in the video of the first landing, but can only be understood when you know that Kaiam has previously been so cut off from the outside world that it has required 2 days travel in a canoe from there just to reach a remote village with an airstrip. With their new airstrip, the people now have access to vaccinations and other health care, education, church support and the possibility of emergency evacuation. Praise God.

It’s been a long journey, from the first centerline survey in June 2000, through years and years of back-breaking work by local people and Anton Lutz, a Lutheran missionary. The dramatic story of the airstrip’s creation is shown at:



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