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The village of Yarsa in the Sindhupalchok district of eastern Nepal, had already been seriously damaged by the first earthquake on 25 April. Many homes had been razed to the ground and possessions and food lost. CARE teams were in the village doing an assessment for the needs of the community, when suddenly the second earthquake stuck Nepal on 12 May.

During the quake, Nima was trapped under falling rubble from her house. She suffered a severe hip fracture and was bleeding internally.

She needed urgent medical attention in order to save her life. But the only road down to the nearby town of Melamchi was cut off by landslides and there was no access in or out of the village. 

CARE called on MAF to facilitate a flight to medically evacuate Nima Dolma Tamang and take her to hospital in Kathmandu.

Luckily there was a local Nepalese volunteer doctor in the village already assisting those injured by the first quake, and he was able to perform some initial lifesaving interventions before the helicopter arrived.

Thanks to the medevac her condition was stabilised in hospital and her life was saved.

Nima was successfully discharged from hospital on 14 May.

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