11146601_931900723517690_1171166236223489866_nDo you like gardening? Salma does too thanks to a pretty nifty project started three years ago by Terre de Hommes. She lives with her son Abdul in the remote village of Padma in Bangladesh.

Her circular homestead garden is raised to avoid flooding (which is a regular occurrence), with a compost pile in the centre to make sure nothing is wasted. The vegetables she grows feed her family all year round helping to fight malnutrition which is so common in cyclone prone coastal villages.

The project began with only 100 gardens. Since then the number has increased since then to over 1,600 gardens – each tended by an individual family. Many ‘copy’ gardens beginning to spring up – the idea is obviously catching – which means less people are going hungry!

MAF serves Terre de Hommes by regularly flying technical staff to remote areas of Bangladesh. Together they bring hope help and healing to families like Salma’s

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